Assistive Devices

These are required for Workers to assist them with their activities of daily life and to facilitate independent living. This category includes but is not limited to bathroom safety equipment, canes/crutches, walkers and reaching aids

Bracing and Supports

These are externally applied prefabricated devices designed to correct or support musculoskeletal injuries or illnesses and fitted to the body to control alignment, protect or support an injury, reduce pain, increase mobility, etc. for various body parts (e.g. foot, back, ankle, knee, etc.) or a corrective device to be worn inside a shoe to help the muscles, tendons, bones, etc.


These Products include but are not limited to genito-urinary (G.U.) supplies (e.g. catheters, tubes, drainage bags, etc.) and wound care supplies (e.g. tensors, bandages, gauze, dressings, etc.).


These are devices which are used to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes. TENS units are to include the units and the batteries and supplies.

Beds, Mattresses and Surfaces

These are primarily required for Workers who are severely impaired due to a work-related injury/illness (e.g. severe burns, spinal cord injury, lung cancer, lower extremity amputations, etc.), and require frequent changes in position while in bed, and have significant difficulty doing so without mechanical assistance and/or are unable to transfer on or off a regular bed independently. These beds are purchased for Workers when considered clinically necessary by WSIB